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Bressler’s  Environmental Service – Emergency Spill and Accident Response

Bressler’s  Environmental Service is a full service environmental response company that was originally created as a necessary expansion of Bressler’s Garage Inc. Thanks to the addition of this new company we are now able to respond to emergency spill situations as well as vehicle recovery. Bressler’s Garage Inc. has evolved into a best-in-class heavy-duty towing and recovery business over the past 50+ years. We have been family-owned and operated since our inception and continue to provide exceptional services to a variety of clients across a wide range of industries on a daily basis. 

Bressler’s Environmental Service is a division of Bressler’s Garage Inc that provides emergency spill response, containment, and site remediation for environmental contamination incidents. We respond to accidents involving commercial vehicles that have resulted in the release of diesel fuel, motor oil, antifreeze, or whatever materials were being transported as cargo. We also respond to a multitude of other events, including spills at fuel stations and leaking home heating oil tanks, as well as a variety of industrial services assisting many different businesses and manufacturing facilities.

You want to be covered from beginning to end whenever you are involved in an accident or other unfortunate predicament. Our fleet of equipment and qualified operators are available 24/7 to respond to whatever situation our customers may be in, and Bressler’s Environmental Service will make sure that nothing is left behind. We are still small enough to provide the personal touch, and remember your name, yet large enough to meet all your needs. Give us a call at (800) 807-4661.

Bressler's excavator depositing contaminated earth into a dumpster on a high way. A Bressler truck is also in foreground.
A man looks over the guide rail of a highway with Bressler equipment in the background. A Bressler dumpster is in the foreground.
Bressler's skid steer loader is on the side of a highway, with other equipment in the background. Workers are on a grassy hill near the ski steer loader. There are tracks from the skid steer loader in the foreground.